Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where Our Food Comes From

Although most of our food is not grown by us, it does come from local sources. We have a few things growing in our yard right now.
and tomatoes. However, for right now most of our vegetables come from our summer share in Home Sweet Farm. Here is what we received for this week.
Most of our milk, cheese, eggs, and meat come from Gramen Farm. Here is what we picked up today.
Although we still have to go to the grocery store for some things, we are trying to phase it out as much as possible. Thankful for our local goodness and happy eating!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

While Wandering

I started documenting the beauty while on our walk with my yard. I knew it might be slim pickings once we rolled on out of our driveway.

Okra flowers are in bloom. Other than that, tomatoes and peppers are about all that's growing in this heat....for me. 
I was pleased that someone sprinkled the sidewalk with flowers for us! However, after turning the corner...
I remembered I forgot my trash bag. Our squirrel friend was waiting for us in the same tree!
Also in wait were a pack of cigarettes and an empty condom box. Really?
This fatty patty thought he was real tough.
A reminder to
We decided to head over to the neighborhood playground only to learn that we were obviously crossing onto someone's territory.

My kids didn't really seem to mind.
Heading back towards home...
We really don't live in the slums, I promise. Houses in my neighborhood go for anywhere from $80,000 to $130,000. Now I know that probably sounds really cheap, but Houston is a really cheap place to live. There's mainly just a lot of working people here and a few trouble making kids. Anyway, we decided to save the best for last, our horse friends.
Time to head on back out of the scary streets (just kidding) to our refuge, home. There wasn't much shade on our walk and we were hot! So, now for a dip in our luxurious state of the art swimming pool!
Thanks to cpcable at A Life Sustained for this great idea of documenting our wanderings.

Yarn Along

Yes, I realize that wrapping yarn around sticks is not knitting or crocheting. However, my son, as I said yesterday, dropped my yarn into a pan of cooking oil. So, my kids and I created a bouquet of sticks. We also created this work of art. The books are just some random ones we picked up from the library on Monday. Because of my exceptional ability to multitask, I am still reading Prodigal Summer. I am liking it! Check out others or post your own Yarn Along over at Small Things.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Work of Art

I'm so excited with the work of art my daughters and I created today! Primarily because we had no intention of creating it. First, Taven dropped a skein of yarn into a pan of oil I had fried okra in. I knew I was probably not going to be making a hat or a....well that's all I really know how to make. Anyway, I got the idea to take some branches from a fallen tree limb in our back yard and wrap them in the yarn. The girls had a hard time doing it by themselves so we came up with this ingenious method where one person holds the yarn and the other spins the branch.
After Taven fell asleep for his nap I decided I would let the girls play with some clay that we found at my mom's house last weekend. After playing around with it a bit, we decided to make some beads. I wasn't really too sure what to do with the beads. I initially tried to string them all on one long piece of yarn and hang it on the wall. I was then planning on hanging the kids' artwork from it. However, the yarn broke and the beads went flying. So I nixed that idea. After thinking for a bit, we came up with our masterpiece!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Houston Audubon Society

We went on another nature walk today! The heat is really not so bad. We went over to the library where I use to work to say hello to everyone and then we went to one of our favorite spots nearby, the Houston Audubon Society's Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary.
We attempted to stalk butterflies.
We collected feathers.
Eaden told me she wanted to hang on this tree and then got very upset with me when I let her go.
We checked out the view from "the big bridge."
Taven wanted me to hold him most of the time.
We watched the tadpoles.
And we spent a lot of time pouring water over each others' heads.
More summer nature walks coming up!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Handmade Dolls! On Sale! Only $10!

Just kidding. I was going to wait until I had made diapers and clothes for the dolls I'm making, but the first one turned out so great I just couldn't help but share. I have been laughing at this doll for a good 30 minutes. It has really made my day. I hesitate to say it is from Handmade Beginnings because I don't think Anna Maria Horner would want me representing her work in this way. Well here it is!
Submitted to Saturday's Artist at

Let's Sweat!

I take my kids on a lot of "nature walks," but usually not in the summer. However, I was talking with my mom yesterday about how she use to go to a school in Beaumont without air conditioning and how this guy from her work said he dug a trench around his house in the middle of the Texas heat and played in it throughout the summer. So I thought, okay, okay! I'm going to take the kids on a nature walk despite the temperature. We went to some trails that are about a 10 minute drive from my house. The kids complained of being hot at first and kept asking me for water. I told them (like I always do) that nature walks make us stronger. Now I could add "especially in the summer." They trudged along and then we came to the creek.
They saw a turtle (it was on that branch sticking out of the water) and started to get more excited. We walked on and then they came to their favorite "hill."
They love climbing this hill and it was a little muddy from the rains which made it even better! We walked a little more and came upon this!

Now this part of the trail has always been there, but it's usually not this green. See! It is nice to hike in the summer sometimes! After a while, the kids wanted to head back to the trailhead (there's a playground) and so Eaden led the way.
Happy day!

By Candlelight

It's always more fun when done by candlelight.

This Moment

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember. Thanks Soulemama.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


While Wandering

I was inspired by cpcable over at A Life Sustained to take a walk out in my neighborhood and try as I might to locate some beauty. It was tough, I'll admit. There was a lot of garbage (next time I'll bring a garbage bag), but we did manage to find a few things. Also, it was raining which was great. Not only because we need it desperately, but because it kept us from sweating to death. Thanks to cpcable and barefoot crofter (you made a comment on cpcable's post that really made me think) for forcing me to look a little harder and to appreciate the small things. (Note: I had to create this post with the old image editor which is why my photos aren't as large. Has anyone else had trouble today with uploading images? Also, if you're wondering about the pic with the tree, there is a squirrel at the top. He ran away as I was trying to take his picture.)