Thursday, February 27, 2014

We Love Goodwill!

I mentioned in my last post how I found a Steve Spangler science kit at Goodwill. I also bought a Mancala game mostly because I thought the kids would like to play with the pieces.

The kids love to go to Goodwill too. We give them each $2.00 allowance every Friday and they have learned that it can go a long way at the thrift store. Eaden saved up $10 for a new rainbow loom because she broke hers, but Taven and Naia were eager to spend. Taven bought two toy guns and Naia bought a purse, sunglasses, and a pretend phone. 

I found this awesome magnetic calendar with a dry erase board for 3.99. The kids LOVED it! I also found some almost new (not in age) pastels for .99 cents and a 20 year old clay kit for .99 cents. The clay is as good as new. We are always on the lookout for VHS movies and we bought the wooden shoe (pictured) so that the kids could work on their tying skills.

Goodwill is also really good for paper products. Binders, paper, stationary, stickers, etc. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stressed out kids....uggghh!

I thought we were going to have a rainy day today (Tuesday) and so planned accordingly. It was sunny. Oh well. I needed to clean the house.

This next picture is of a "throw up game" my aunt bought the kids for Christmas.

 We did some very simple "kitchen science." Baking soda and vineger rockets, volcanoes, etc. Eaden was a party pooper and just wanted to watch youtube instructional videos and make rubber band bracelets. Whatever.

 This next picture is of Taven right after the rocket shot up in front of his face.

Okay now on to Wednesday. You are going to have to excuse the fact that the kids are in the same clothes and they are really dirty...

It was supposed to be another rainy day, but it was actually just overcast. I guess all the rain came last night and overnight.

Mirek and Naia woke up a good hour and a half before Taven and Eaden. Here is Mirek reading.

 I went to Goodwill last night while Eaden was in gymnastics and found a Steve Spangler Laws of Motion science kit (brand new)!

 Each of the balloons has a different item in them (penny, marble and hex nut). The hex nut "screams" when you spin it around!

 This is Eaden trying to get a marble from the bottom of a test tube filled with salt to the top.

 Trying to get the hex nut to drop straight into the bottle.


 We read a book yesterday about chickens and it talked about how strong eggs are. We decided to experiment.

 Eaden broke an egg wiggling too much and I decided to experiment with squeezing an egg (with what I thought was equal pressure on all sides) and it exploded all over the kitchen.

 Here is Taven playing with magnets again.

Stress free learning! I mention that because I have felt very sad lately hearing about how stressed out some kids are. Young kids. Stressed out from school, gymnastics, whatever. Learning should be fun! Gymnastics should be fun! Just let them be! Let them be...please.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Who Makes Seeds?

Taven bought a potato gun last week at the natural science museum with his allowance money. Finally! Real bullets! He sits on the porch out back and shoots them into the chicken coop.

 Here is a birthday card he made for his friend Josh. His drawings are getting more and more detailed and I LOVE them! He even drew a tree with leaves next to the cats (yes they are cats) but I do not have a picture. The cat on the right is pregnant and has a baby in her belly.

 Here are the girls at Josh's party. They had their face painted for the first time and it was exciting!

 HOWEVER, everyone was not so chipper when we got home. There was screaming and crying over balloon animals coming apart and popping, over me not bringing enough food home, and over face paint being wiped off. Serious serious crying! Oh and bubbles from the goodie bags being lost in the car. When I finally got them to bed, Naia was the only one left crying (over the face paint) but finally started feeling better when I let her give me a high five as hard as she could. I pretended it hurt REALLY bad, that made her laugh, and we were good to go.

After the kids are in bed, this is what awaits me in my room. My desk full of my children's' questions and library books. As you can see, I am a bit behind on the questions. "Who makes seeds" is a doozy. If I say seeds come from plants they say "yeah I know but where do plants come from!"? Then I say "seeds" and they say "but who makes seeds"? It's the never ending question. What came first? The chicken or the egg? Then we talk about God and mysteries and how amazing life is. When I told Eaden to write her question down in the book she said she didn't want to. I asked why and she said "because there is no answer." My answer to that? "Maybe not, but that doesn't mean we can't talk about it."

 Why the artichoke question? Well here is our artichoke aftermath. The kids get their own artichoke and when they are done I get to fish through what they left and scavenge for "meat." Yummy.

 Mirek is the only one not sold on artichokes yet. He is a clementine fool and he will NOT let me help him peel them!

 Eaden mapped out a little seed starter tray the kids made.

 I'm not sure much will grow. We will wait and see. There is supposed to be a lot of rain the next few days and then we are going out of town. If the kids fail, we will plant again.

 I forgot to show the new buttons we purchased last week. Bring back Pluto!!!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Perfectly Unplugged

I woke up this morning, checked facebook, saw the title of an article about kids watching stars instead of screens (or something like that) and decided we would "unplug" today. Perhaps we should unplug everyday...

We went to the Arboretum. It was a perfect day. I'm guessing the highs were in the upper 60's and there were very few clouds.

We found an Australian Tea Tree, rubbed its leaves between our fingers, and took a whiff.

 We enjoy the smell of Spearmint as well.

 I got a little excited when I spotted this turtle and I dropped our scavenger hunt book in the pond. Let's just say it was an adventure in itself fishing it out...and it didn't smell too great after.

 I let Mirek run around for a bit, but he was trying to jump in the fountains, ripping signs out, grabbing cactus, etc. He got locked down. Here he is. Let me out! Let me out!

 I'm not sure what Naia's doing here. I think perhaps she has been watching the squirrels and stray cats a bit much...

 Checking out this moth's camo.

 We purchased a new Dragonflies in Texas field guide.

 Here is Eaden comparing the tea tree leaves we collected to the oil in our pantry.

 Both boys were sleeping and the girls decided they wanted to see some optical illusions.

 Eaden did not believe these two lines were the same length so she got the ruler...

 How many legs does the elephant have? Four! Then they looked at the picture and said wait a minute....This might have been their favorite.

 Making their own 3D pictures.

 Eaden had gymnastics and then we came home for movie night. GOING TO BED NOW.