Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Blog!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mama's Helpers

Anytime I start to cook, Mirek pulls up a chair or climbs up onto the countertop. It was annoying at first, but I have taught him how to actually help and he is a quick learner.

Lately, the boys have been more interested in cooking than the girls.

 Taven wanted a hand towel tied to his head to look like a chef. He later concluded that he looks more like a pirate.

 Mirek, my lover boy, gave Taven a smooch. Taven hates kisses and I have to sneak them in when he is least expecting it.


 Our little friend.

Jammin' to some bluegrass.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Home Cooking

I have been doing really well in the kitchen. I don't mean making Martha Stewart like meals, but simply cooking/preparing everything we eat in an unhurried manner. It is not as hard as I expected and the best part about it is that the kids are eating it! That's all that matters right?

I used to compare myself to other bloggers and I would see how they fed their families whole foods, had large vegetable gardens, nice wooden toys, etc. I don't do that anymore. I think that I am still a pretty new mom and an even newer stay at home mom. 

I am 32 years old, my oldest child is 7, and I left work to stay home about 4 years ago. 

I am doing great. I am living and trying new things and learning. I have made a lot of changes and I have slowly come to understand how to make things work. Our simple schedule is great. When you have to bake bread and make butter only on Thursday, it becomes easier. When you only do laundry on Mondays, somehow more gets done over the course of the week. If you deep clean on Fridays only and that is all there is on the "to do" list, it gets done!

Although I am in the kitchen a lot, it doesn't seem like much. We are not rushing to get anywhere and I do not have a million things on my mind.

I have come a long way and I feel as if I am almost starting to perfect motherhood (in my own way of course). I am doing better and it is getting easier.

The best things we have done are simplify, simplify, simplify. Simplifying our schedule is number one.

No TV or screens (during the day) has also helped them learn how to play more peacefully together. I almost never hear a request for a cartoon anymore and even after Daddy gets home and they are allowed to watch TV, they usually do not.

So what do they do to occupy themselves?

 All of my kids LOVE building toys and, when inside, it is often what they are playing with.

After Mirek was pretty quiet for some time, I decided to check on him. He had come up with an ingenious little game.

In the morning, before breakfast, they are getting pretty good at finding something to do on their own while they "starve," as they like to say.

Finally, food.

 Like every other morning, the kids went outside to play after eating. However, this morning (Thursday) the temps were in the 20's and my little Texans didn't last long. After riding their bikes for about 10 minutes they complained that their hands were cold (and we do not own any gloves.)

Here is Mirek cock-a-doodle-doing along with the neighbors rooster.

 Both Taven and Naia took the training wheels off their bikes Wednesday afternoon and both started riding immediately like it was nothing.

 Naia got this bike from a friend last Christmas (I think) and it is obviously too small. She is going to have to borrow Eaden's until we can find her a bigger one.

 For lunch we had some leftover barbacoa beef from Tuesday night's tacos with cornbread and okra.

 I made butter for the week and added a little dill to mine for the cornbread.

One day my food will look like Julia Child's. 

Practice and patience.

After lunch the temp had warmed up about 10 degrees and that made it just right for some more bike riding.

But the kids still wanted to wear their baseball gloves to keep one hand warm.

 Mirek says no pictures!

Later in the day.

Naia was very excited to lose her tooth until her siblings told her she looked funny. I comforted her and she is fine now. The Tooth Fairy money helped a bit too. However, she does not want to lose her other front tooth (which is quite loose) because then she "will look really weird (her words)."

 We had our first fire of the year in the fireplace which of course was very exciting for the kids. Someone want to tell me how to take pictures in the dark with no flash? Maybe the kids have to be real still which is not going to happen.

Now for another two slow days at home.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

i WILL stay home, i WILL stay home, i WILL stay home

For the new year, I am trying to stay home more.

Here is the extent of our schedule. We leave home on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Also, on Monday night Eaden has her acrobat class. I am trying to see if Naia and Taven can switch to Mondays as well (gymnastics) so that we can just leave Monday and Tuesday. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we stay home! And hopefully Wednesday too soon! It is truly amazing. My life is the best. Even though I want to sell my house and live on land, I have nothing to complain about.

Here are some pictures from Monday. We are pretty much unschoolers now, meaning no set homeschooling schedule or curriculum. The only rule we have is no screens until after Daddy comes home. The kids always wake up and head to their spot by the window. I wake up, start coffee, feed the chickens, and get breakfast going. After the kids have been fed, I can sit down and read (usually for a very short while). 

The kids usually head straight outside after eating.

It doesn't take long before they ask for more food. Ugghhh! Always eating! I am trying to get them to eat fewer times per day. It is kind of working.

 I ask Naia if she would like to work on her reading and she politely says "ummm but don't I look like an artist (with the scarf)"? I take that as a hint and help her get out the paint. We had classical music on in the background (sometimes I need no words) and I told her "this is an artist's music, you know." That made her happy.

Later in the day, they all took their new gloves out back to play catch.

Tuesday is busy day. We run around getting everything done that needs to be done away from home. We go to the library, purchase food for the week, and I let the kids explore some place outside.

On our way to the nature sanctuary, we passed a school and I said "awwwe, all of those poor kids stuck in prison (HAHA I'm the worst!)." Naia replied, "where? At school? BORING!"

Today, we were able to put our new binoculars, nature kit, and pond dipping net to use. Thank you Santa!

 Eaden was relaxing, examining some of her finds with a magnifying glass when Mirek the Terror came crashing through destroying her peaceful serenity.

 Next we went by my parents to pick up some dry firewood for later this week. We do not NEED a fire ever here in southeast Texas, but there is a hard freeze coming and the kids always beg me to start one. They are nice I have to say.

 Dairy farm dogs.

 Eaden is madly in love with this dog and has been since she was three or so.

One more day out (and only down the street for an hour), then four days home!