Thursday, June 28, 2012

Diaper Sprayer or Water Gun?

My sister decided to give me a little break yesterday and take the girls to see a movie. Here they are all excited and ready to go!

 My sister also picked up a diaper sprayer for me. Thanks sis! I had been using disposable wipes and flushing them down the toilet (which you're not supposed to do!). So in an effort to go more green, I have been slowly making cloth wipes out of some old cotton flannel blankets we have around. With the new sprayer it will be super easy to just hose them off and throw them in a pile with the dirty diapers.

 However, my astute sister, when dropping off the sprayer said that the first thing she thought of when she saw it was that my kids would soak the bathroom, each other, etc. I thought, oh crap! You are soooooooo right! In other words, flooded bathroom pictures coming soon.

 In other news, I have been searching for a natural ant killer. My kids play in the backyard a lot. Also, we have chickens. And, of course, we get ant piles pretty often. I wanted something to kill the ants, yet not harm my children or our beloved pets. Here is what I am trying.

It is food grade diatomaceous earth. I read about it online and saw some pricey organic ones I could have shipped to me, but I found this at the local feed store and figured it would work fine. I don't know about y'all, but whenever I put food scraps out for the chickens, they are almost immediately covered in ants. Supposedly, this stuff can be sprinkled in the coop to control ants and flies. Anybody know much about it or ever tried it?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yarn along...Sike! A True Story About Cookies.

It reached 105 degrees yesterday. Who in their right mind would knit at a time like that?

Once Upon A Time, there were two little girls. These two girls were named Eaden and Naia and they loved to bake cookies! One hot June afternoon, Eaden and Naia's mom said she was going to bake some oatmeal cookies mentioned in a book she was reading, The Feast Nearby. Eaden and Naia became sooooooo very excited! They begged their mom to let them help. Reluctantly, their tired mother said "okay, but we've got to be fast because both of your brothers are sleeping and they will not sleep for long." The girls got straight to work.

 Eaden and Naia's new baby brother immediately woke up, of course, and was NOT happy!

 Eaden and Naia's Mom went into the other room to feed the baby and left the girls to the baking.

 Naia, being the naughty girl that she is, thought it would be funny to pick up a handful of flower and throw it on Eaden and the floor.

 Her Mother did not! Naia was banned from cookie baking and became very upset.

However, her sister Eaden didn't mind taking over all of the work and went on to finish baking the cookies all by herself.

 And sad little Naia became happy once again when her loving mother allowed her to eat as many cookies as her little heart desired.

The End.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 Here are some moments from just this morning.


 Poor hot chickens. I turned the fan on for them. It's 103 degrees today and that's the real temp not the feels like temp.

My kids like to scream.

 This NEVER happens!

Monday, June 25, 2012

About Me - No Offense

I just figured out how to create a navigation bar up top on my blog and so created a little "About Me" button. I kind of like what I wrote and so here it is :-)

First of all, please don't be offended by anything I say. I love you all! (lqimh - laughing quietly in my head)
I left my job as a librarian in January 2011 in order to stay at home with my three kids (Eaden-age 5, Naia-age 3, Taven-age 2, and Mirek-born June 12, 2012). It is the best decision I've ever made and although money is tight, life is good! We are an unschooling family with apparently no method to our madness. However, I am patiently working toward creating a more self-sufficient, slow, and full life for my family and loving every second of it. Quit your job! (if you can of course) Create a home! -Megan

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My thoughts and beliefs are constantly evolving on this issue, but as of right now we are unschoolers. I like some Waldorf ideas, handwork primarily, but I think the obsession with gnomes and fairies is a little weird :-) I'm not too into Montessori mainly because what I see is a lot of time spent on little activities meant to teach things kids will learn anyway (colors, numbers, shapes, etc.). Now I am by no means an expert on any of this, maybe not even a little knowledgeable....And I am talking about young kids here. I like a lot of the Charlotte Mason type stuff I see, but mostly as it pertains to older kids. However, I've stopped planning so called learning activities for my kids as I have found it is not really time well spent (for me or them). We just live and learn.

Pretty and Expensive Toys:
Listen, I love pretty toys. I understand when people talk of buying less, but buying higher quality. It all makes sense. But in my experience, it kind of gives me heart palpitations. I bought my daughter the expensive Stockmar crayons and felt like I had to watch her with them at all times. I followed her like a hawk. Don't break those! Put them all back!. Let me put them up! Then, the horrible horrible moment...she broke one! After one day! I couldn't believe it! Then I bought the kids a few very expensive handmade wooden toys on Etsy. Well guess what? They broke those too! The durable wooden toys that are supposed to last generations! So the blogging community made me feel guilty about not having handmade beautiful toys and I was a sucker! No more! We get our toys as hand me downs or from the thrift store. That's a "greener" solution anyway, in my opinion. Plastic baby dolls for everyone!

Birthing and Breastfeeding:
Do whatever the bleep you want! If you want to give birth at home, fine! In a hospital, fine! Epidural? I'm sure the majority of pioneer woman would have had one if available! Vaginal birth? Fine! C-section? Okay too! Do you want to breastfeed until the kid is 8? Fine by me! Formula until they are 9? Alrighty then. Just do what makes you feel comfortable and what is right for you! It's no one's business but your own!

Living with what I have:
My house is not an old redone farm house, I don't have antiques, we all are not running around in beautiful handmade clothes all of the time (we get those from the thrift store too mostly), we don't have cows and chickens and goats (but we do wish for them), or acres and acres (or one acre) of land. However, we do our best, we are happy with what we have, we are thankful, and we do not try to hide our lives. We (I) do seek to capture the beauty in our lives, but I do not wish for this blog to be all about perfection. We have ugly plastic things in our house, we have dirty carpet, dirty walls, hideous paint and wallpaper on our walls, and we watch t.v.. But guess what? We are very "green," (nearly everything is bought secondhand or given to us by others), we try our best to eat local healthy food, and we are attempting, little by little, to become more sustainable. We do not have a lot of money and that is okay. We have chosen this life and we are so very thankful for it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moments From the Week

I know I've said this before, but I am getting sooooooo frustrated with my camera! It takes blurry pictures 70% of the time and the other 30% of pictures are not very good either. I REALLY want a new camera. Whaaaahh! Okay enough whining. Here are some pics from the week.

My mom torturing my poor son (just kidding).

 Naia holding the little man.

 Taven trying to scare him.

 My brother brought us some vegetables from his garden!

 First thing up....zucchini bread!

 My niece Abigail over for a visit.


 Taven outside in his favorite boots.

 I finally got around to giving the kids their art packages a week and a half after Mirek was born.

 And since I'm too busy to sew, my lovely mother has been sewing the kids quite a bit of summer clothes. Thanks mom! Here are just a few of the items she has made them (excuse the wrinkles in the first dress).

Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Mini Homestead Plans

So I like to think that I'm a homesteader, but I'm not. I have dreams like most, but instead of waiting for them to come true, I would rather work with what I have now. What I have is a pretty small suburban lot. My plans for the near future are an L shaped raised bed garden along out backyard fence, a pallet compost bin back behind the chicken coop, and a rain barrel near our back porch. Luckily, my brother is willing to help me with all of this. It's not too much work, but it does require a little bit of start up money, a little know how, and a few days labor. My brother has a homestead in progress about a 3 hour drive from our place. Planning a time to get together and do this is probably the hardest part.

In other news, the kids received their art packages.

I haven't been doing much except resting and staring at the wee little one.

I did manage to cook a bit. My brother brought us some produce from his garden last weekend and so I've been pulling out all of the squash and zucchini recipes.

wood or brick? Reading barnheart and a feast nearby. Hanging for greens, cooptop garden for herbs, hanging baskets for stuff, pots for tomatoes, fence, chicken book.

be keeping the kids fed, laundry, diapers, chickens, cleaning, just basic needs at this point. Not much to blog about. Ants and chickens super guilty. Screen free time.

this post took me forever to write. Few sentences a day and not sure I have anything to relay share.

discovered pinterest my to do

book rotation - reference and seasons

new baby new rhythm

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer collage using the kids' pictures

Well I haven't had time for blogging or even for taking pictures much. We certainly haven't gotten around to doing anything crafty yet. Just trying to establish a new rhythm with the new baby. We will get there. However, I remembered that I had written this post a few weeks back and never published it. So why not now when I have little time for much besides meeting everyone's basic needs? Mirek is an angel by the way. Just working on trying to fit in time for the others...

While the girls were making a collage yesterday, I decided to make one as well.

 Finally! My artwork hangs on the wall too.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Welcome Mirek!

Guess what!? I had a baby Tuesday! The little man, Mirek Adewale, was born 8 lbs 2 oz, 21 inches long, at 11:08 am. "Mir" means peace and Adewale is a little hard to translate but basically means our wealth has arrived home.

 He is perfectly healthy, perfectly happy, and perfectly loved.

 He's big on sleeping.

 The men of the family are in love (so are the women of course).

 A perfect Father's Day here at our home.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Backyard Fishing

Lately, the kids (especially Taven), have been pretending to fish a lot. They use shoestrings mainly, but also sticks, recorders, pencils, whatever. This morning I got the idea to make them some magnetic poles and fish.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Excites Me

I know this post won't excite most, but it excites me (and this is my blog lol!). We went to The Homeschool Store today and I sold some of my old curriculum books (that we never used). What need does an unschooling family have of boring books about how to read, write, and spell anyway right? 

I browsed their fantastic used books selection and found a lot more interesting items to purchase with my new money!

I thought this was kind of cute for 2$.

 I bought myself this National Geographic book on John Muir (says 2$ but they gave it to me for 50 cents).

 Some Dover coloring books for the kids' art packages (2$ each and never colored in!).

 More coloring books and a sticker book with all of its stickers.

 Usborne Puzzle Adventures.

 More Usborne.

 And some encyclopedias.

Now that is what excites me!