Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bleubonnets, Aggies, and Eggs

Okay. Get ready for picture overload. It was Easter weekend after all.

 Obviously, the Bluebonnets (our state flower) are in bloom.

 We went to watch the Aggie girls take on Alabama.

 I really wanted to keep candy to a minimum this Easter. Thank you Texas A&M for this egg hunt on the soccer field.

 Bluebonnets again.

 We made a Easter egg tree on Easter morning.

 Then we headed over to my parents for the big egg hunt. I told my Dad not to put out so much candy.

 Well they still got bucketloads of crap. We are thinking up new traditions to start with Grandma and Grandpa next year...

 Taven wanted to put a lizard on his cousin Abby's head.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eczema...and Stick a Foot in my Mouth

I am changing the purpose of my blog up a bit. Well I'm not sure what my purpose was before, but I think I might have one now. Here is the main thing. I do not want to offend anyone or seem as if I am judging anyone. My last post was not too nice and I deleted it for that reason. Often I find that I don't agree with a certain idea or group of people to later find out that maybe they were right.

So if I just shut my mouth I might save myself a lot of embarrassment. 

I will use this space to document what we are doing. Homeschooling, homesteading, food, fun, nature walks, travel, whatever. But without putting down or judging others. This is our journey and I need help. Since resuming blogging just a couple of weeks ago I have learned so much. The blogging community really helps me stay in touch with current issues. When I quit blogging, I quit reading blogs. And when I quit reading blogs I go into my own private sphere of not knowing or remembering. Does that make sense?

I have tried to sort of follow a Weston Price diet for a while now. I have not been too successful (mainly with the cutting out of sugar and white flour). We drink raw milk and I slip kefir into my daughter's milk most of the time. We eat lots of meat and fruit. We need to work on vegetables.

Here is the thing. My two middle children have pretty severe eczema. I was listening to a podcast the other night from The Village Green Network Healthy Life Summit given by Emily Bartlett on how to heal eczema through diet. What really got me was when the lady said that eczema is the tip of the iceberg. It's the body crying out saying look! something is wrong here!

My oldest and my youngest have no eczema. I guess that's why I never thought it was the food. They all eat the same thing. But every child is different and each child may have different food sensitivities.

I need to face the facts! I need to listen. 

Although I truly hope we will not have to go gluten free, we are going to cut out gluten and sugar for one month. I ordered some cod liver oil online which I will try to somehow get my kids to take on a daily basis. I do not think my daughter will need a probiotic supplement as she does drink quite a bit of kefir. My son I'm not so sure about. He doesn't drink milk and he will not eat yogurt...

Another thing that was mentioned in the podcast was that I should not use petroleum products on the kids' skin. Well of course we have been using Aquafor constantly since that is what the doctor told us to do. I am not yet sure what I will use as an alternative. The kids will be crying for something.

To be honest, I still do not know much about exactly what foods we should or should not be eating. I do not have time to sit and research it all day either. I am just going to have to start somewhere and learn along the way.

We still need to get all of the flour and sugar out of the house and of course Easter is coming up. We usually go to my parents and hunt for mass amounts of candy, but I asked the Easter Bunny if he could hide money instead. We will see. A lot of cousins are counting on the candy. Peer pressure! 

We also have 1st grade starting next week for Eaden. With the new homeschool schedule and the new eating plan I have a lot in store. Wish me luck!

Here are my son's (3 years old) legs (yes he is wearing pink crocs).

 His ankles are particularly bad.

 Here are my daughter's (4 years old) legs.

 And her arms.

I truly truly hope this new diet works. We have been to the doctor numerous times and I have tried so many things. To end their (and my) suffering would be such a happy thing...

This post is linked to Party Rave Wednesday at Holistic Squid (the same lady whose podcast I refer to).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Eaden!

First I would like to say Happy 6th Birthday to my beautiful daughter Eaden!

Today I am taking the oldest three to see The Croods at the movie theatre and then Eaden has gymnastics. We had a little party for Eaden and Taven at our house this past weekend.

 I have to include this next picture because it's my favorite. This is the little brother of a gymnastics friend. I told him "say cheese" and he did this!

 Here is Eaden with a new purse and some fab shoes she received as presents.

 I let some of the kids hold our new baby chicks. Yes new. The two chicks we had were killed by a stray cat. I thought I'd let them out for a bit (it was warm and they were over two weeks old). Well they really enjoyed themselves for a while. We were constantly checking up on them. Then one was gone. The next day I put the other in the coop with the door closed. I guess she escaped through a small hole in the back and then she was gone. 

I bought three new chicks over the weekend: A Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, and Black Austrolorp.

 And we finished the fence!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome Spring.

Spring starts tomorrow!

But the signs of Spring have been evident here for a while.

Our baby chicks had their first look at the world.

Auntie Hen had a crazy look in her eye. Too crazy.

Green arriving quickly and spreading.

 Flowers for some color (we are still working on the vegetables).

 Carrots from the farmer's market.

 Bathing Robins.

  "Mom! Look what I found in the compost pile!" Okay maybe I should check out a book on composting again...

We welcome Spring. Although I admit, Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, I am always ready for the new season when it arrives. Bring on the heat! No No wait I take it back, I take it back!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Taven!

Taven turns 3 today! A fighter, a challenger, a creator...of pounding headaches. My St. Patrick's Day baby. 

Does 3 mean it gets easier?

Here he is this morning.

"Mom I really want to swing from this branch (twig), but I can't reach it."

 "Taven, I think that branch is too small. It will break."

And in reply: 

"No it won't! I want to swing from it!"

He will press and press and press and never give up. Not a quitter that one (I held him up to grab the branch and, of course, break it).

We always pound clovers for Taven's birthday. We made a little bunting this year.

 Taven helped bake his birthday cake. And even got to pour the flour!

 My husband took him to buy a toy tractor and we prepared to surprise him when they returned.


Cheers! ...and water all over the table.

I've been working on creating a daily rhythm by the way. I'm going to start with simply waking everyone up at the same time (8am?), eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner together at the table, and getting everyone to bed before (10pm?). When we have that established I can focus scheduling what we do between meals. Oh! I need to plan meals! I think it will really help...but I should probably get some food first.