Friday, January 31, 2014

Thursday wasn't the prettiest of days, but the kids wanted to get out. They've been wanting to go to the "dinosaur museum" and dig for bones, but that costs $5 per kid and will have to wait. Maybe next week.

We went to a nearby park.

Taven immediately went to look for nutria. We did not see any. Too cold I think. I did see lots of pretty little yellow Pine Warblers, but did not get a good picture because the kids kept scaring them off.

Some sign language fun.

We have been enjoying our rental car the last couple of days. A new mini van! With working heat and a working radio! Ahhhh luxurious. We were rear ended last week and I'm kind of hoping my car is "totaled." The shop said it might be. Not totaled as in it doesn't work (it runs fine) but totaled as in the repairs cost more than the car is worth. Then maybe I can get some cash and keep my car....who knows.

Eaden, we believe, left her "blankie" in our car being repaired. She is having a hard time without it. I didn't really realize she was so attached.

 After returning from our nature walk, we made cookies.

 Oh we had also stopped by the library. We have a serious addiction to kids magazines, especially Nat Geo Kids and Zoobooks. We also check out Ranger Rick, Highlights, and American Girl. Zoobooks is the kids and my favorite. Each magazine focuses on one animal in a super kid friendly format.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


We had one more ice experiment Wednesday morning.

We got a few of our letters finished and in the mail.

And the kids met a friend!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Ice

An "Arctic Blast" came through South Texas on Tuesday, again shutting down schools and the government as well. It's funny. If there is any chance of precipitation with below freezing temperatures, everything shuts down.

The girls finished up a dollhouse they had been working on.

Here is our "snow!" I know Northerners would laugh, but it's a big deal to us.

 The kids worked on some letters they are sending to friends and family.

 We experimented with some ice castles.

 And the kids made me laugh when they came into the kitchen wearing this ensemble referring to themselves as "DJ's."

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Yummy fingers!

Ancient Greece.

Friday was ice day! Temperatures went into the high 20's and the dreaded ICE was on the roads. Schools were cancelled and kids everywhere rejoiced.

One of the hens had icicles on her feathers.

Inside, we turned a horse into a beloved unicorn.

 And we kept chugging right along with Ancient Greece (seems to be a hit!).

The kids decided to celebrate their dragon's birthday.

Eaden had her annual gymnastics banquet at a nearby country club Friday night.

 She won the hardest worker award! To be honest, out of all of the awards, THAT is the one I would most want her to win. So I am VERY proud of her!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh Well

I did not quit facebook. But I will scale back my time spent there. I will!

For MLK Day we thought about how we would like to "leave our handprint" on the world. Eaden has been wanting to help the homeless for some time now, so that is what she said. Naia wants to plant flowers and vegetables which we will be doing soon enough!

While Eaden was at gymnastics I took Taven and Naia to meet Aidan at the Arboretum. See! I am having REAL face time! There wasn't too much activity, but I did manage to get this picture of a Large Orange Sulphur on a Camellia.

Even though Eaden did not get to come with us on our walk, I showed her the picture. She made a page for the "Animal" section in her notebook.

After picking Eaden up from gymnastics we went to the store and bought some snacks we thought homeless people might like to have. We made bags for them and the kids are eager to hand them out. They did whine a bit about wanting to eat the snacks themselves, of course, but came around in the end. Eaden even made rubber band bracelets for all of the bags.

On Wednesday, we decided to check out a new place, Sheldon Lake State Park (new to us). We got lost and got in a wreck! We were lucky to have only minor damage to our car. After driving around looking for the place for...forever...we made it! Our visit started off great because we immediately saw a Great Blue Heron (no picture), many White Ibis, Great Egrets, and more!

But our most awesome moment was spotting this Osprey!

 The park had a really neat observation tower!

 Next time we must remember binoculars!

We are planning on bundling up and staying in for the next couple of days as freezing rain is expected!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


I always think about what a hypocrite I am. I tell people to go outside, don't work, spend time with your kids, go on adventures...and I stare at Facebook half the day. So, like I've done many times before, I'm quitting the social network. Not because I don't enjoy staying in touch with my friends and family, but because I DO! I'm cutting back on the computer and increasing real face time. Hang out with me! I'm begging. Come have a beer! If you don't drink, I have tea...and water!

For my friends and family that cannot hang out much, I am starting this blog. I will update every Friday. I also will keep my Pinterest account because it is extremely helpful to me as a mother and wife.

In summary, less computer MORE people, less inside MORE outside, less facebook MORE real books (made from paper!). MORE music, MORE making, MORE gardening, MORE journaling, MORE camping (without cell phones), MORE loving, MORE family, MORE listening, MORE living!


Come and join us! Please! Text or call or email...