Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Idea!

I saw this pin from Barefoot Mama and was inspired.

Creating these is super addicting! I use

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Beach House!!!!

We spent Memorial Day weekend at the beach house!

 Unfortunately, the Coast Guard was out the entire weekend looking for people who drowned. Our house is at a place called San Luis Pass. Every year, people drown there despite the numerous signs saying not to swim. The news reported an eighteen year old man went under Friday and a 10 year old boy and his father went under Sunday. However, we were told that five people drowned over the weekend and two bodies were found. The father was trying to save his boy. The ocean floor drops off all of a sudden in the Pass and the currents are strong.

Little man enjoyed some ribs.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Headband Party!

Last weekend Eaden's gymnastics team had a headband party. Basically, they get together and make headbands. They practice 9 hours per week and are about to start learning their routines for the upcoming meet season which starts at the end of August. So this was sort of a break for them. A time to just be together and have fun.

Eaden with her coach.

Swimming in the fountain. They had a conversation about whether they would go to jail for this but came to the conclusion that they were too young for jail.

A surprise headband with extensions from their coach.

I have come to accept gymnastics as a huge part of our lives. I'm over trying to get Eaden to quit. She will not. It was more of a financial issue rather than a time issue, but we have decided that as long as Eaden wants to continue, she can. Yes the practice times get longer and longer with each season and the financial commitment only rises, but it is clear that this is her passion. Thank goodness her gym has a booster club that pays a large majority of the meet fees!