Monday, April 29, 2013

Rain and Kimchee

I don't have too much to say and I haven't been taking many pictures lately. It's been a week since I posted though so I figured I'd say hello.

It rained a bit here Saturday (pics from the local paper).

We stayed home. No I'm lying. I went to the liquor store.

The chickens didn't want to go under cover for some reason.

I know she looks sickly but she isn't lol.

This next picture not only shows what my kitchen table looks like at all times, but it also shows a bowl of kimchee. Naia's kimchee! I am so happy that she is eating it! She and the baby are also the only ones taking their cod liver oil daily. And guess what!? Her eczema is clearing up big time!

Taven's is not. But he does not eat fermented foods or take cod liver oil. I'm thinking about melting some chocolate and putting the cod liver oil in that...might work.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Traveling the Texas Pineywoods

I read a post last week from Simple Homeschool about homeschooling advice. Take trips it said. Do not wait until the kids are all the right age. Since I had Mirek we have not been camping at all. So I packed up the kids and headed out. My husband stayed home to work.

First we went to Mission Tejas State Park.

 We happened to get a campsite right across from the playground.

 They were having a Folk Festival and we got to see an old west shootout.

 Next we headed to the Texas State Railroad Historical Park.

 And since we were in the area, we made a stop at Grandpa's Farm. We found this smoking gun on the way.

 The farm is Taven's Happy Place.

 Power tools.

 Pretending they are momma and baby cow.

 Grandpa works. Kids play. Old men watch.

 Picking dewberries.

 We brake for turtles!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On the Town

We started the day finishing up some thank you notes.

 Naia picked this outfit for the day and Eaden told her she looked like "a circus."

 We braved the traffic to make our way into town and the museum district. We checked out a free show at an outdoor theater.

 The kids, especially Eaden, were really into it. I'm going to look into finding more acts for her to see around town. Maybe at the high schools...

 Next we walked over to The Museum of Natural Science. My mom renewed our membership for Eaden's birthday.

 We saw Air Racers 3D at the Imax. Yes that is pee all over Mirek and yes he peed all over me as well.

 Then to the actual museum.

 The Energy Hall.

 They have a Faberge exhibit currently.

And back home to read my books that finally arrived in the mail! I am writing all over this one. It has great information on eczema and the GAPS diet.