Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mission Control

We woke up this morning to a really nice day and decided to go to the zoo and Japanese gardens. However, when we got there we saw only school buses and zero parking spots. So we quickly decided to head over to NASA. We do have a membership after all.

It was a really good decision. There was a school from LA but that's about it.

This visit we decided to take the hour and a half tram tour.

Here is Mirek at the original Mission Control. We were in the viewing room where the families of astronauts would sit, as well as Presidents and a Queen. The new Mission Control is in the same building.

The red phone was used by a representative from the Department of Defense to update the Pentagon.

 Next we got to see where the astronauts train in the Vehicle Mock-Up Facility. The parts for the entire International Space Station are here.

 This is the Orion capsule which NASA plans to land (with a crew) on the Moon, an asteroid, and Mars.

 A tree is planted for each NASA astronaut and certain prominent NASA employees who have passed away.

 The Saturn Rocket.

 Space food.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rainbow Warriors

Abby and Weston came over again today (new theme).


 Weston didn't last.

 Rainbow Warriors!

 Cleaning off.


 Cow feet.

 Measuring stuff.

 Beautiful makeup.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Babysitting Again!

Abby and Weston came over again yesterday.

First here are a couple of pics from the Arboretum Monday.

 The kids transferred their Easter plants to some bigger pots.

 We found a bird's egg.

 The mulberries out front are ready!

 Painting some plaster monsters.

 Eaden's favorite book.


 Mirek getting frustrated with his shoes.

 Switched from Yoga to Zumba! Abby is on the stairs yelling "shake your bootie!"

 The littles went upstairs while Eaden and Naia did all 40 minutes of zumba.

 Weston chugging his fruit.

 Daddy got points at work for being such an awesome employee and we spent them on some Magic School Bus science kits.

 Looking at salt under the microscope.

 Eating salt.

 More planting.

 And video games.