Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed to the beach house (like we do every year) for Memorial Day Weekend.

Abby has finally decided to include Mirek in her circle of friends and he is very grateful.

 Eaden watching dolphins in the bay.

 We tied our kite to a fishing pole and let out all of the fishing line. We flew the kite this way for 2 days until the line broke. We saw the kite fly away up up into the sky for a few hours until it finally went out of sight.

 The crawfish, as usual, were a little spicy.

 Mirek enjoys punching Grandpa.

 My beautiful niece Hannah.

 My handsome nephew Weston.

 Mirek giving away one of his many kisses.

 Patiently fishing with friends.

 Mirek loves playing bartender. He makes a special shot with seashells.

 My mom with Hannah.


 Fishing buds.

Temporary hermit crab home.

Eating their ice cream after a visit from the ice cream truck.

 Something was funny.

 We drove up the road to the beach to find that, apparently, it is seaweed season.

 Back at the house making friends with a not so shy hermit crab.

 Catching teeny fish.

Mirek's first catch!

 He actually tried to eat it.

 Inside spending some last few moments with cousins before we have to go.

Here is a video for my grandfather, Pepaw Bill. Happy Birthday!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Y

We experimented with colored ice cubes and oil. I saw the idea on Pinterest and it was pretty neat.

A little craft.

Hanging with the hens.

One morning this week I woke up around 6:30. I thought I was the first one up and I started my coffee. Then when I looked out the kitchen window Eaden was already awake, outside with a bowl of fruit, working on her Math.

We recently joined the YMCA and have been there everyday, sometimes twice a day. After I took this particular picture (with my phone), Eaden asked "How come only brown people can play basketball"?

The primary reason we joined the Y was so the kids could learn how to swim. Eaden is 7 and does not know how. We never put her in lessons because of the cost, but we realize it is something we just have to do. However, after a week straight at the pool (without lessons), she has learned how to float on her back and front and is sort of swimming. I do not think it will be long. She REALLY wants it!

Naia and Taven started lessons. Naia likes them but Taven wasn't really feeling it. I decided he could wait until next year. I feel he benefits more from just playing in the pool with me. He has no problem with going under or even jumping off the side. He just doesn't want to do lessons.

He does, however, LOVE his goggles!