Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Day of Dinosaurs

Today I took the kids to see the new electronic dinosaur exhibit at the zoo and then we walked over to the Museum of Natural Science for a members sneak peek at their new paleontology hall. Both were quite impressive.

They had these new Chinese Zodiac sculptures set up near the zoo that were pretty neat.

 I wasn't sure what to expect with the electronic dinosaurs but they were very cool. They moved, made noises, and some even spit water (very refreshing on a hot day).

 Despite being decked out in his dinosaur shirt and shoes, Taven was a bit scared of them at first. They did seem quite alive.

 The sisters pretending they're scared of T-Rex.

 After hanging out at the zoo for a bit, we headed over to the museum. Stopping to feed the ducks and pigeons of course.

 We were also treated to a little show at the Miller Outdoor Theatre.

 Then the long awaited brand new paleontology hall!

 My favorite part was an area that focused on evolution. So awesome!

As members, we will be going back many times this summer. I also need to go alone or with maybe just Eaden so I can actually read and learn something instead of just looking. Very thankful to have this awesome museum in town! Yay!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend at the Beach House

Like every Memorial Day Weekend, we headed to our family beach house in San Luis Pass. 

Here are some of our moments.

Taven seems to have turned into a master fisherman this summer.

Naia is much less afraid of everything and instead very curious.

 Eaden is still as curious as ever.

 Checking out the set of teeth on this Sheepshead.

 Playing with the crawfish before they are eaten.

 Never ending ocean creature examinations.


 Refreshing drinks.


 Waiting at the bar for more drinks.

 Baby crabs galore.

 Eaden playing with her cousin

 and partners in crime.

 Feeding the pelicans.

 Occasionally casting out the poles (and a lot of untangling on the adults' parts).

 Look at all of that seaweed!

 No stopping these three!

 Back to the beach house for another sunset.

 Bedtime for some.

 Then stopping in Galveston on the way home for a bit.

Great time! No babies delivered on my part, yay!