Monday, March 31, 2014

We Should WANT to Learn

I still do not have the whole "homeschooling" thing figured out. I still experiment with different so-called methods. However, I am sure that learning should be something that a kid (or anyone) wants to do. It should be exciting, it should be interesting, it should be fun. Turning learning into drudgery is pointless. It does not have to be boring! It does not have to seem like work! It does not have to be hard! It does not have to be something we force ourselves to do!

Kids naturally want to learn. No, they do not usually want to write the definition of a noun or a verb or even a tadpole. But they may want to observe tadpoles! Maybe they do not want to create a geography lapbook, but modeling landforms with play dough sounds fun! We know our kids. We know what interests them. And if something doesn't interest them, maybe we can make it interesting! Or just move on. We can always move on.

Side note: The kids have been spending more of their birthday money (from Aunt Jamie). Taven bought a water gun, bubbles, and a pretend table saw.

We went to the Arboretum to check out what spring is looking like. It's looking good! Not quite in full swing yet. There is a lot of planting going on and the next few weeks should be awesome! We will go back soon.

Taven fell pretty bad and skinned his chest and knee.

Here he is trying to smile.

The kids thought these flowers looked like old-timey phones.

Bluebonnets! We are heading out of town this weekend to search for more...

His knee is still bothering him.

Still looking at his knee...

Matching their shirts to flowers.

This was our favorite flower. Naia named it the candy cane flower.

Back home.

Who wants to bring the eggs in by the chicken coop door? That would be boring.

Eaden received science kits and a frog to dissect from Grandma for her birthday!


Now that is learning at its best! No one complained, everyone was interested, everyone wanted to know what every part of the frog was called!

  I personally enjoy lapbooks. I think they are fun to make and fun to look over when finished. However, they involve a lot of writing which most kids (especially young ones) do not particularly like. We picked up some fallen flowers from the Arboretum and brought them home to study. I drew this flower and Eaden colored it. She then wrote the terms and I wrote the definitions. No drudgery for her. We then read the information together.

 We also watched a youtube video on pollination simultaneously.

 And we are eagerly awaiting our caterpillars metamorphosis. The kids have decided they would like to release them at the arboretum. They ate through the paper disk at the top of the jar. Because they are supposed to hang from this paper when they turn into chrysalides I took it out and replaced it with a coffee filter.

Remember our Book of Questions? It is still going strong. The latest question is "Is Atlantis Real?" I started looking up information online and preparing to show them a National Geographic video Finding Atlantis when I found out they were referring to the waterpark Atlantis. Oh well. They are now actually interested in the real Atlantis lol. But is there a real Atlantis?....

Friday, March 28, 2014

My Oldest is Seven

I cannot believe Eaden is seven. Whaaaah! I don't want them to grow up! And all she wanted for her birthday was clothes! Nooooooo! I was happy she did not want to go to Chuck-E-Cheese though.

Like Taven, she received $150 and got to choose what to do for the day.

First, we ate doughnuts. Next we went to Once Upon A Child (a children's resale shop). There she bought 16 shirts and 4 pairs of shorts for $68! She was beyond happy. In the best mood ever. Next she wanted to go to the mall by Grandma's house. The kids played in the play area, bought splat balls, rode the carousel, and ate at the food court. Then Eaden went to Justice where she bought a beach bag with a beach towel, a water bottle (all with an "E" on them), and some groovy sandals. Last we went by the grocery store so she could pick out a cake.

At home she started laying her clothes out everywhere so she could see them all at one time.

 Happy to model.

 Daddy came home from work and brought her a skateboard.

 She showed him all of her new possessions.

 And so she wouldn't feel left out, Naia also received a skateboard!

 Family came over for spaghetti and cake.

 I told all of the kids to "say cheese" and then my sister stepped right in front of the camera. Hello Weston!

 On Thursday Eaden was able to celebrate her birthday with her gymnastics team. We were busy making goodie bags all day.

 Here is what her teammates received in their goodie bags.

 Eaden made a necklace for each of her three coaches.

Here is the birthday girl celebrating with her gymnastics family!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

We've Got Mail!

I watched my niece and nephew on Friday so that my sister and brother-in-law could go to the Rodeo. We had painted earlier in the day and left the supplies out so Abby could paint too.

 Here is Taven plotting something evil...

 Abby's here!

 You are going to have to excuse Taven's pants in the next couple of pictures.

 Mirek LOVES his cousin Weston! Sometimes that love can be a little overwhelming.

 Taven received his birthday caterpillars in the mail! They are all alive! Eating, pooping, growing!