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Monday, September 2, 2013

Sea turtles, dolphins, waterspouts, and more!

We had a great Labor Day weekend at the beach house!

We arrived late Friday night and Taven immediately set out catching fish.

 Eaden as well.

 On Saturday we spotted this sea turtle swimming by the pier.

 Drama ensued when the adults went inside and then the kids decided to try and catch the turtle. My niece was yelled at, started crying, and the turtle was released (long story short).

 There were also dolphins.

 The civic association was having a fish fry and so we headed over.

 The line for food was long so the kids started upstairs at the dessert table. Abby had one too many cupcakes.

 Then back to the house for skateboarding and to catch the sunset.

 My pregnant sister.

 A Gar.

 My sister in law with my niece and Eaden.

 Fishing buddies.

 Untangling their line.

 We tried to get a group photo but Mirek wasn't having it!

 I spotted a waterspout out the window and we all ran out on the pier to get a closer look.

 It was extra neat because of Eaden's recent interest in tornadoes. We have already requested tornado books and movies from the library and are going to watch Twister on tv tomorrow night.