Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We killed one of our chickens last weekend because we had too many eggs and really too many chickens for our little space. Also, my husband has been talking about eating the white hen for quite some time lol. He killed it and cooked it in his stew while I was with the kids waiting for my nephew to be born. The kids were upset of course when we told them, but they understand that chicken comes from chickens! They also all ate the stew...after they forgot it might be their beloved friend of course.

After making these turkey crafts at the library, Naia said that one of her candy corn feathers was coming off and I told her I would put some tape on it when we got home.
Naia - "We don't have any tape!"
Taven - "Yes we do. We have duck tape. You have to kill a duck."
Me - "You don't have to kill a duck to get duct tape!"
Taven - "It was a joke."
Me - "Oh. Pretty good one."

 Mid to late Fall and Winter are outside months in Texas! The kids are almost ALWAYS outside. Although we don't have fields to run around in and woods to explore, they have their favorite spots.

The table out back is one.

 They pretend it is a boat and they fish off of it with a bucket tied to a rope.

Now that we do not let the chickens roam and keep them fenced in, little man is also free to run the poop free backyard.

 The garden bed out front is their other favorite spot. I've given up planting anything here and it is totally worth it.

 Here are the kids inside playing dentist. Naia is a great patient...and the dentist is actually quite mean.

 Taven colored on himself and I asked him what he was trying to draw. He said "a beak."

And here is Taven with his new cousin. However, he refuses to call him cousin and will only call him brother.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The girls went to their first sleepover Friday night. It was at a friend's house from gymnastics whose Mom kindly invited Naia as well. They were both very excited! When we got there Naia was pulling all of the girls arms wanting them to play with her, talking to everyone, so happy. However, I do not believe any of the other girls were as excited about her. She just turned 5 and they are older. She did not notice the coldness thankfully. As for Eaden, her two gymnastics friends who she normally is buddy buddy with were not speaking to her. I don't get it! Eaden is so sweet, sometimes quiet, but never says a mean word (to her friends, this doesn't go for siblings). I'm not sure why the girls were not speaking to Eaden, but when I asked after the party she said "they were just talking to each other." She also mentioned that the girl who was having the party did not want Naia to come. I don't know. I just hate that 6 and 7 year old girls act this way. My girls do not do this! Maybe because they are homeschooled they appreciate every friend they can get. I'm not sure.

I'm good friends with both girls' parents by the way and both girls are usually very nice...

Anyway, Eaden was not too worried about it so I kind of just let it slide. I told her to be herself and if people want to be her friend they will. If they don't oh well. Be kind to everyone no matter what. Even if they are not kind to you. She just said "yeah I know Mom."

After the sleepover we went to Pioneer Day.

 I caught this boy checking his cell phone. 

Me - "What's that!?"
Boy - "I don't know what you're talking about."
Me - "I don't think you're supposed to be checking your cell phone."
Boy - "What's a cell phone?"
Nice save.

Another big event happened over the weekend. My sister had her 2nd baby and first son! However, I do not have very many good pics so I will wait to post. His name is Weston and he looks just like his sister.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


  We went to Storytime at the library and made some squirrel treats.

 We had a cool front and it is always exciting for the kids to get bundled up for the first time. It was about 50 degrees. They got warm after a bit.

 For a while now Mirek has been getting into everything. He drags chairs around the house to climb up on counters, tables, desks, bookshelves, etc. I took all of the chairs away and he started to pull out pots and pans to stand on.

Here is Naia sitting on her desk because she has no chair.

Eaden prefers to stand.

 Taven sits and see what happens!

I am quite worried about our Christmas tree this year. I have a feeling there will only be ornaments at the very top and it might come crashing down more than a few times...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fusobacterium Nucleatum

Eaden was drawing and labeling different species of bacteria from her "Big Book of Everything" when she came to Fusobacterium Nucleatum. I read to her that "this species makes its home in the human mouth and forms a major component of plaque. It can also cause premature birth." She screams "AHHHH!" and runs to brush her teeth.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

 Naia turned 5!


The stray kittens play outside our kitchen window most of the day.

 We caught one to play with for a bit.

 Tight rope walking.