Thursday, January 1, 2015

Three New Year's Resolutions

1. I want to spend more time in the kitchen and I want the kids to eat more at the table. I will keep the kitchen clean, but not worry so much about the rest of house.

I spent the entire first half of the day yesterday in the kitchen. If I am not rushed, there is nowhere to be and nothing that must be done, food preparation can be quite enjoyable. I made bread, butter, and potato salad.

2. We will really and truly work towards making our future "farm" a reality. Save whatever we can. I am hoping we can just sell our house as is and still not lose money.

If I could purchase a place right at this moment, this would be it.

Our Future Homestead

3. The days after Christmas are so peaceful and relaxing. We do not go anywhere, there are no plans. We just stay home and hang out. I want more of our days to be like this throughout the entire year.

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